By students, for students

What We Do


We are the main event manager of most of all student events in Kiruna. Events ranging from lunchgatherings, pub nights and holiday celebrations to entire fieldtrips, market fairs like LiftOff and festivals like the Winterfestival.

Educational Monitoring

We handle education monitoring for courses and programmes at Kiruna Space Campus. The matters range from study enviromental issues to corrected or delayed exams, assignments and issues regarding lecturers and teachers.

Building Community

Our main objective is to be there for the students in Kiruna. We are run by students for students so we are all in this together and will do what we can to ensure your time in Kiruna is the best it can be.

The Team


Johan Manske

Event Coordinator

Albin Malmqvist

GSO Representative

Nils Klinger

Vice President & Treasurer

Casper Holgersson

Union Council Representative

Edvin Callheim

SLUSK Representative

Kristofer Napa Häger

Educational Coordinator

Rasmus Jacobsson

LiftOff Representative

Mathilda Nilsson

Board Member

Ersin Tütüncüoğlu

About Us

Kirunasektionen is a fully student driven non-profit association under the primary student union of technology, Teknologkåren, at Luleå University of Technology (LTU).

We are staffed by volunteering students which are democratically elected every year during February-March. Our board includes a president, a treasurer, a vice president, an education coordinator,  a board member, a representative of Teknologkåren and a representative of each subassociation under us.

Our main objective is to support the students of Kiruna Space Campus and do our best to make the time you spend in Kiruna during your studies the best it can be.

Education Monitoring For Your Best

Kirunasektionen handles educational matters in the form of quality of life changes, complains and gathering of feedback of courses, lectures and entire programmes. If there are any issues, errors or conflicts regarding examination, assignments or even course lecturers these matters can be handled by us. Tickets about such matter can be submitted through LTU's student unions' reporting system.

Our Associations


Space6 is a division of Kirunasektionen primarly responsible for all parties and studysocial events in Kiruna. Everything which lift the spirit of students and makes their time in Kiruna more exciting.


Once a year space related companies are invited to meet and connect with students here in Kiruna at LiftOff; The moment where education and opportunity meet.


The Giron Space Organisation is the association of the student engineering projects in Kiruna. They manage collaboration between projects, organise sponsorships, take care of projects' public relations and a lot more.


The one and only meeting place and student pub for students in Kiruna; SLUSK. Ranging from regular parties, pub evenings, boardgame nights and larger ensambles.

If not at SLUSK, then it didn't happen.

Want To Help

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Kirunasektionen is a fully transparent non-profit association, which means all our meeting protocols and statutes are publicly avaiable.